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Utility-Scale Solar Project Proposed in Franklin Township, Ohio

The Kensington Solar is a solar project proposed by the company Liberty, a subsidiary of the Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (“APUC”) located in Canada. They are a non-regulated independent power producer that owns/has an interest in a portfolio of North American contracted wind, solar, hydroelectric, and natural gas-powered generating facilities representing more than 1.7 GW of installed capacity. This project is located in Franklin Township, Columbiana County, Ohio near the village of Summitville. The Project Area consists of approximately 2,264 acres of private land, secured under long term lease and easement agreements with the current 6 landowners and approximately 30 parcels. The project is estimated to start construction in 2023 and in would like to be in Commercial Operation in late 2023. At this time the project is in the land acquisition and early consulting phase. 

FAKS Mission Statement

To provide Franklin Township community members and concerned citizens an avenue to oppose the utility-scale solar project and preserve the agricultural, historical, and natural values they hold and wish to keep.

Complex Considerations

FAKS recognizes the need to encourage and develop renewable energy sources at local, regional, and national levels. We acknowledge that the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) is the statewide authority that considers projects of this size and decides which projects will be developed and where those projects will be located. As rural neighbors and citizens, we are interested in educating ourselves and others about the possible environmental, economic, and cultural implications of utility-scale solar installations. What are the “best practices” associated with USSA projects such as the one proposed for our neighborhood? How and in what ways do individual rights intersect with the rights of the greater community? Should large solar projects be sited in locations other than green space?

FAKS intends to participate in the OPSB review process and to have our voices heard as the Board considers the Kensington energy project in the coming months/years. We desire to raise questions, provide input about short-term and long-term concerns, and empower residents to do the same.  We also hope to serve as a grass-roots role model for residents in other regions in Ohio who will be considering the possible ramifications of industrial and utility-scale energy projects in their front and back yards.

The standard application used by the OPSB is described below. Download an interactive chart here with links to Ohio law and OPSB administrative rules that govern this process. This project is currently in the OPSB "awaiting the staff report" phase.

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